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Time to start blogging again

Ah well, it was about due time I started writing on this site again. Haven’t uttered a word in nearly three months, which is quite odd because I’ve had heaps to say, I just haven’t been able to figure out how to say it. Which is a odd, given the fact that I can be quite outspoken from time to time. As a gesture to me starting up again, I’ve gone over to using a new site layout, courtesy of I think the layout is really nice, and is a design I really fell comfortable with. So please, if you have comments please share them with me.

My situation in life has improved somewhat, for those of you that remember my lung collapse last August, it has stabilized to the extent that it is back to normal operation which I’m thankful for. I’m still per definition unemployed, working the odd shift here and there at my old employer. Currently, I’m awaiting answers from two applications I’ve sent in. And the jobs could not be more different. One is for the Epcot center at the Walt Disney World Resort and the other is for a large Norwegian consumer electrics store. So it’s either back to waiting tables, working in a restaurant or doing maintenance work on computers. Either works for me, but one involves moving to another continent. Which means I’ll be trying to work abroad for the second time, and if it goes through, hopefully with better experience than with me little “joy ride” to Spain last year for those of you that remember that.

I hope that you will stay tuned and return here once in a while to read my rantings, and that you like my new theme. The rantings of a confused computer nerd is back! 🙂 (PS: For those of you wondering if that picture is of my behind, I have to dissapoint you! :P)

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