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Back in black (again)

Hello guys, I’m back again. This time with yet another host, yet another country, yet another layout. I seem to refresh myself whenever I get things back on its feet. This time my good friend Marc Kaldenhoff was kind enough to provide me with some excellent hosting space in Germany, on a decently beefed server. […]

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Light at the end of the tunnel

As some of you noticed, my blog just vanished from the face of the earth. And it did, for quite some time too. It was gone well over two weeks. Because of matters out of my control, the server this blog (and other domains) was hosted on was taken offline. But not only was it taken offline, after some time, the whole server was deleted. And yes, I didn’t keep any backups! When will I ever learn?


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I hate spam!

Even though I have quite a decent solution running on my mail server to catch spam, some spam mails still evade my spam filter. Quite often I find the spam mails I get to be quite entertaining, and outright amazing. The stuff you get offered would be a rater long list, but for those of […]

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Site is now live

Woohoo! Site is now live, finally, I’ve been saying for months and months now that I was gonna get this site live, but you all know me. I can at times be extremely lazy. But I thought it was about time, finally got some details with my host sorted out and since it’s my birthday […]

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Server problems

Sometimes you get stuck with some problem that you just can’t figure out. Your server is up and should work perfectly, but does it? Hell no, there is some odd error that you just can’t figure out. In my case, it was a problem with my mail server. I could send mails, but no way […]

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