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Enjoying life in the sun

Ah man, what a wonderful day. Not only has the sun been out the last few days, with a crystal clear blue sky, but it’s been rather warm as well. At the most today, we had a whooping 28 degrees Celsius, which is quite respectable for this time of the year. During summer, we usually […]

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Time to start blogging again

Ah well, it was about due time I started writing on this site again. Haven’t uttered a word in nearly three months, which is quite odd because I’ve had heaps to say, I just haven’t been able to figure out how to say it. Which is a odd, given the fact that I can be […]

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Getting back to real life

Ah, it’s good to finally be able to function somewhat after my visit to hospital two weeks ago. Since I came out of hospital last week, I’ve been slowly recovering from a collapsed lung. The medical condition is called pneumothorax and supposedly only strikes tall, slim males such as myself. It’s quite rare too, only […]

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