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One world

I am so fucking angry, I’m way beyond upset, my heart is bleeding, my head is racing, my gut wants to vomit until there’s nothing more left inside, I’m disappointed beyond even my own comprehension. I’m sitting shaking my head in sheer disbelief. My eyes are dry from too many tears. Yet I won’t give […]

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Artificial intelligence – The ghost in the machine?

Recently there has been quite a bit of talk about artificial intelligence, and the possible problems this technology might introduce. Technology and evolution go hand in hand, and even though some might disagree, I find to be a natural part of the evolution. In our modern society, technology has become just as important as food and water. In this day and age, you would have to work hard to find some field that in some shape or form doesn’t use some form of technology to aid and assist.

But what is artificial intelligence and why should I even bother or worry about it? (more…)

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Energy It surrounds us It consumes us It’s everything and nothing From the painful birth At ground zero The biggest orgasm known The Big Bang The genesis of entirety The cradle of life From single protons and neutrons To a whole universe of atoms Molded into the complexity of creation From tears and sadness To […]

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Howto set up a backup MX for Zimbra in Ubuntu/Debian

Have you ever wanted to set up a backup mail exchanger (MX) for your main Zimbra installation? Recently, I had this need for two of my Zimbra installations. Of course, if you run the enterprise version of Zimbra where they offer you the tools to do this without too much work out of the box. But if you just don’t have the resources to put up another full scale Zimbra server, you can achieve much of the same with much less. Of course, it won’t offer you all the bells and whistles that a full Zimbra installation will, but it does the trick if your needs are sparse. (more…)

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