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I’m so depressed about the results of the last presidential election in the US. In the words of the British newspaper Daily Mirror “Doh! Four more years”. How could 59,000,000 Americans be so dumb? I’ve never been a huge fan of either Father Bush or Son Bush Jr.

I think he’s done an abysmal job in his last presidential period, going to war on Iraq on rather shaky grounds and worsening the living conditions for the common man in the US. During the last four years, the US has lost millions of jobs and the American economy isn’t exactly thriving.

I had a sneaking suspicion that Bush would win, because of the job his administration has done within the Christian community in the US. They’ve done a massive job of conveying propaganda to the Christian masses throughout the nation, telling them how Bush would continue to work towards a more moralist community taking pride in old traditions and family values.

One of his key people in reaching this goal is Karl Rove, which many considered to be the architect behind Bush’s election win. His network relations with high-ranking church officials and Christian communities throughout the US have been vital to their success.

They got their message across and won by this. This might have come as a huge surprise to many since the turnout for this election was massive. Many new voters came out to vote, and many were uncertain as to how they would vote. Most people thought these votes would go in favour of the Democrats, but unfortunately, they didn’t.

One thing that really surprised me, was the fact that the electoral votes for Florida went to the Republicans. Given the way the voting process went during the election in 2000, or should one say mishandled caused quite a stir. A stir I thought would go in favour of the Democrats.

It’s quite known that the Bush family doesn’t really care much for minority groups across the US, which was proved well when Bush’s brother Jeb was elected governor of Florida. He was asked what he would do for the minority groups, and his answer was rather short and sweet; probably nothing. This of course ticked off both the African Americans as well as the Hispanic communities throughout Florida, which counts for nearly 30% of the state. But yet, the win goes to Bush. Truly shocking.

Not only this but within the next presidential period the US supreme court will replace four judges and you can bet that Bush’s administration will do their best to make sure that conservative candidates will get a seat.

My main concern is that the US will grow into becoming ultra-conservative which for me is like taking steps backwards in time. They are crippling their own progression as a nation, and if they continue like this they might end up losing their role as the ruling superpower.

The EU is growing faster and faster, with new nations fast becoming new members. If the EU, as well as China, get their act together, we will see a new era of new superpowers that will by far exceed in power compared to the US.

A force to be reckoned with. In this age of globalisation and commercialism, the US is wrong to taking the steps they’ve taken by granting Bush another four years. I’m a huge sceptic of the way the US is being run, and only time will show if I’m right or not.

By Jostein Elvaker Haande

"A free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular" - Adlai Stevenson

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