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Enjoying life in the sun

Ah man, what a wonderful day. Not only has the sun been out the last few days, with a crystal clear blue sky, but it’s been rather warm as well. At the most today, we had a whooping 28 degrees Celsius, which is quite respectable for this time of the year. During summer, we usually average in at around 32 degrees, but that’s come late June, the start of July. And what isn’t better than to be able to work outside under the warm spring sky?

My parents needed some help with getting their terrace fixed, as the old boards were starting to rot and break. This is of course far from aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but even worse, it’s far from safe. I’d hate to see my parents fall through the boards and seriously hurt themselves. And by coincidence, the boards we needed were on sale so there was no time to lose. So after having ordered 300 metres of new board and picking it up yesterday, we started the initial work today. Getting the old boards up proved a bit harder than we expected, but we got a technique going after a while. And when we started to get the first boards up, we really saw that it was due time to replace them.

As I sit here and write this, I’ve gotten a slight sunburn on my shoulders and my nose look somewhat like Rudolf the reindeer’s nose. But it’s been a wonderful day, with pizza and beer out in the sun as a welcome break during the work.

When I went to Thailand earlier this year, I brought my old SLR camera with me and took quite a few pictures. But as it turned out, many of the pictures turned out bad as it turns out the camera house itself is somewhat faulty. The fact that camera house was broken was one thing, but all those ruined pictures was even more devastating. I’ve been on the lookout for a new camera house for some time, but haven’t really found anything to my liking nor price range.[singlepic id=4 w=320 h=240 float=right]

But as luck turned, my father found an almost identical camera house at an online auction. So I’m now a proud owner of the Canon EOS 500. The previous owner said he had been gentle with it, but that was an understatement. The camera looked like it was brand spanking new, with only a few minor non noticeable scratches. I can’t wait to take this baby out for a spin. Now next on my list is to get a dSLR camera house and a couple of other lenses, and I’m all set. I already have a stock 28-80mm (3.5/5.6f) and a 100-300mm (5.6/6.7f) long range lens, which I can do fine with until I get my hands on more equipment.

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