Scared Mickey MouseScared Mickey Mouse

Why!? Because I’m starting to become like my mother, that’s why. Recently, I’ve found out that I tend to have quite a bit of energy the day after I’ve been out drinking. In some cases, it’s so extreme that you can compare me to the energizer bunny on speed.

Yup, not a pretty picture at all. So what have I done today? Well, I started with scrubbing down the toilet, sink and shower, so now the bathroom looks all shiny and nice. In fact, it sparkles so much that you can get temporarily blinded. :)

Then went the turn over to the bedroom, changed the sheets and hung the pillows and duvets out to air. Dusted the whole place down. Then came the living room and kitchen, all made to look their best. Even cleaned out the fridge.

Then I took a short break and made dinner. What was on tonight’s menu? Tikka masala is a great Indian dish with rice. Though, I was all out of chicken so I had to use pork instead. But personally, I think pork goes better to the tikka masala than chicken does, so I wasn’t really disappointed.

Of course, after having done so much work around the apartment, I ate too much. I was barely able to move afterwards and thus spent quite a bit of time in front of the telly. When things started to return to normal, all I could feel was fear, the fear of the revelation that had come to me earlier on today;

I’m starting to become more and more like my mom! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!

By Jostein Elvaker Haande

"A free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular" - Adlai Stevenson

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