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Ah man, last night was wet. Very wet, so wet that the government was close to sending out a flood warning. My cousin came by the bar, it was his first weekend off for quite some time. So after work, some of my co-workers joined him for a few beers. Oh, how I wish now it was only a few beers, but it wasn’t.

It was far too many. And I’ve been suffering all day for it.

I’ve never really been a person that gets hungover, I don’t cease to function like many of my friends do. But today my body has pretty much been so dead. I’ve never had the flakey nerves, shaky hands and the occasional sweats, but that hasn’t been the case today.

By God, today has been hell. If I knew last night that I signed a contract with the devil, I would have run away from that temptation island faster than lightning itself screaming like a girl calling out for Mum.

So with these words, I end my day off suffering and pain, heading off to bed hoping that the devil sees mercy on me and lets me start off tomorrow all fresh and fit for the fight. Or else I will file for a lawsuit against the devil on the basis that I signed a contract on false grounds, I thought it was all going to be good fun. Hah, I guess he’s sitting in his warm comfortable hole in the ground laughing at me.

Damn, bastard!

By Jostein Elvaker Haande

"A free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular" - Adlai Stevenson

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