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There are several ways of contacting me, and here are a few of them. E-mail jehaande[a]gmail.com tolecnal[a]tolecnal.net Google jehaande[a]gmail.com Skype sir_tolecnal IRC tolecnal @ Undernet #mirchelp #debian #liverpool tolecnal @ EFNet #ubuntu #debian tolecnal @ Freenode #debian #wordpress #irssi #pfsense #nagios Good luck hunting me down! 🙂

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Yellow patch cable

After the IRC operators on Undernet had a singing competition the other night, I felt compelled to write a song myself based on a ever popular The Beatles song. So here goes. On the network where I was born Lived a man who surfed the net And he told of us of his life, In […]

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A great era comes to an end

For quite a few years now, I’ve been a helper in the IRC channel #mIRC on the network Undernet. One of my privileges there, was the ability to help users on a daily basis and make a difference to users all over the world. Through my presence there, I’ve learned heaps about computers, administrated a […]

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