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In Thailand living the sweet life

As most of you know, I went to Thailand about a week ago. Since then, I’ve enjoyed lots of the local beer brews as well as the more common known beer types. I’ve been on the beach, swimming around in water that holds a nice 29 degrees celsius. The temperature during the day is a good and warm 32 degrees celsius. All in all, I’m enjoying myself immensly.

Not only that, but seeing as I love the Asian cousine, being down here is nothing short of bliss. And oh my, how cheap it is. We’re eight people, and we can eat a full dinner with side servings and two round of drinks for about $80 in total, or about $10 per person which by Norwegian standards is nothing short of sensational. In Norway, $10 wouldn’t even get you a single beer, but then again, Norway is infamously known as an exceptionally expensive country.

I’ve also done a bit of sightseeing, as the charter tourist I am. We booked a taxi for the duriation of the day, and went around the outskirts of Phuket and Phuket itself. We wen’t on to an orchid park, where they grow the most beautiful flower of them all in all sorts of sizes and colours. Nothing short of spectacular. We then moved on to a butterfly park, where they’ve collected and displays many of the butterflies found in and around Thailand.

A day trip isn’t complete without some shopping, seeing as the entourage consists mainly of women. And if it’s one thing these chicks do well, it’s to shop. I didn’t really find anything that took to my fancy, but then again, I wasn’t in much of a shopping mood. I just enjoyed the views and ambience, it’s not like I’m here to stress. I’m here on a bleedin’ vacation.

All in all, life is treating me good. I’m really enjoying myself, and I consider myself extremely lucky to having been brought on to this trip. It’s a memory for life, and I can guarantee that I will be going back to Thailand again in the not to distant future. This country is just sensational. And what makes it even better is the fact that the weather back in Norway has been nothing short of shite while I’ve been down here. The trip couldn’t have been better timed 🙂

Ah well, I better not waste any more time being indoors. Better get my arse out into the good weather to enjoy some more good food and not to forget, the beer! I hope all you guys are doing good, and look forward to seeing you all again. Until then, take care and stay safe.

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