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It surrounds us
It consumes us
It’s everything and nothing
From the painful birth
At ground zero
The biggest orgasm known
The Big Bang
The genesis of entirety
The cradle of life
From single protons and neutrons
To a whole universe of atoms
Molded into the complexity of creation
From tears and sadness
To smiles and laughter
The common denominator

It can give life
It can destroy life
Its power so immense
Interwoven in everything
It’s a two faced entity
It has no feelings
Even though energy can create them
It has no memory
Though it imprints them
It has no agenda
But yet lays out the path of everything

It’s like a everlasting tidal wave
Surging over the universes
Like a ship without a captain
It sails across time and space
The needle of the compass
Pointing in all directions
To the darkest corners
To the brightest stars
Leaves nothing unturned and untouched
It embraces it all with its presence
And it does so without prejudice nor discrimination

It floats around us
Forever there
Sometimes visible
At times hidden to the naked eye
Embrace it with what you got
For without it, you would be nothing
There would be nothing
No tears – no sadness – no smiles – no laughter

The reason for everything
Forget the what’s, the who’s and the whys

Simply energy!

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