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It’s been a busy month

It’s been a busy month, with work and training and adjusting back to the real world. After having been out on extended sick leave all summer with a back injury I sustained in late March. And there’s been lots and lots of football to watch and attend too, with my local team Strømsgodset fighting for survival in the Norwegian equivalent of the Premier League. They only need one more victory to save themselves from being relegated. And then we have Liverpool, with a packed Premier League program as well as playing in group A of the Champions League, there’s plenty of football to keep up with.


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Gone fishing

Is there any better way of finishing a weekend of partying than going fishing with your best friend? I don’t think so. But what pisses me off, is this; We went fishing at around 8pm, knowing that we would have a rather good chance of getting something. We get to the river, and there’s heap […]

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