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One world

I am so fucking angry, I’m way beyond upset, my heart is bleeding, my head is racing, my gut wants to vomit until there’s nothing more left inside, I’m disappointed beyond even my own comprehension. I’m sitting shaking my head in sheer disbelief. My eyes are dry from too many tears. Yet I won’t give into fear.

To help me on my voyage of words, I’ll bring along a mate of mine, Roger Waters, a man I’ve never met but stands by me every single day, and his words stick to my head like glue. And this is why I consider him my friend, even though our paths are likely to never cross.

Now I've got that feeling once again
 I can't explain, you would not understand
 This is not how I am
 I have become comfortably numb

And why have I become numb? The world makes me numb, and the reasons are many. The hatred, the misconceptions, the hostility, the ignorance, the unwillingness to learn from our past mistakes, the segregation, the lack of belief in the better of man, the lack of love. At times, it’s just too much to bear.

There must be some mistake
 I didn't mean to let them take away my soul
 Am I too old, is it too late?
 (Ooh, ma, ooh, pa) where has the feeling gone?

At times, the world numbs me to such an extent that I wonder if I have any feelings left. When you see how cruel man can be to one another, to what lengths they will go to hurt one another, to spread terror and hate. It’s easy to become numb, and in many ways quite natural, it’s a line of defence, our mind protecting us from that which is bad.

The modern western press seems to come to a collective halt whenever terror strikes on western soil, and social media go into a frenzy and everyone shows their support by changing their profile pictures, cover photos, a long string of more or less famous quotes, all to show their support to those that lost their lives all too soon.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t look down on those that show their support, nor will I ever. However, what makes me angry to such an extent that I want to smash something, is that the western press rarely spends any time on terror attacks in other parts of the world. Terror has become so common, and terror strikes almost on a daily basis, with thousands losing their lives every year. Yet, if a life is lost in the none western hemisphere, it’s almost as the western press labels those lives of less worth.

When the fuck did lives outside of the western hemisphere become less worth than my life or yours? And when did it become alright for the majority of the press to create articles that highlight Muslims and those with the Islamic faith to all be terrorists?

Please spend some time doing some basic math, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that this is a grave misconception. The press is taking their part in making the actions of a few stand out to be like it was something that was carried out by the many. They are helping instill fear and hatred in man. They are in many ways helping the terrorist win.

If you should go skating 
 On the thin ice of modern life 
 Dragging behind you the silent reproach 
 Of a million tear stained eyes 
 Don't be surprised, when a crack in the ice 
 Appears under your feet 
 You slip out of your depth and out of your mind 
 With your fear flowing out behind you 
 As you claw the thin ice

Modern life is like the thin ice, and you should be careful when approaching the ice. Too many eyes are left with millions of tears every day, because of the action of the few. Going back to maths, there is an estimated 1.6 billion Muslims on Earth, and out of those 1.6 billion Muslims, a bit over a 100 000 of these are considered to be extremists of fanatics. That would amount to some 0.006625% of all Muslims to be considered so extreme that they would go to the lengths of conducting terrorist attacks. Some people today actually label all Muslims as terrorist, and given that there is 1.6 billion Muslims on Earth, which accounts to roughly 23% of the world’s population, common logic would dictate that the terrorist would by now have killed of anyone and everyone “not worthy”.

Don’t let the actions of the few, and don’t let the media fool you into their click baits and fear mongering.

In many ways, I understand why Roger Waters wrote the album “The Wall”. The world was becoming too much for him to cope, and him, like me, use the written word to gather our thoughts and tackle our fears and hopes. But in the end, Roger Waters didn’t let the wall stay up, he tore it down.

And that’s what we must do. We are well on our way to make a society of “us and them”, where “us” are the westerners and “them” being everyone else, those that don’t necessarily subscribe to the way the western world live their lives.

But we are no different, we re all human beings, we all want the same things. Freedom to speak our mind, freedom to do what we want, freedom to make our lives what we want life to be, freedom for education, freedom – freedom.

He could not break free. 
 And the worms ate into his brain. 
 Hey you, out there on the road 
 Always doing what you're told, 
 Can you help me? 
 Hey you, out there beyond the wall, 
 Breaking bottles in the hall, 
 Can you help me? 
 Hey you, don't tell me there's no hope at all 
 Together we stand, divided we fall.

Yes, you there beyond the wall. Can you please help me, help your common man, your neighbour, your friends, your family, the rest of the human race. We all share this planet, we are all made by same the cloth. We are the same, all of us. And if we don’t stand together, and come together as one, we will fall divided.

Don’t let the actions of the few divide us. It’s more important than ever that we push aside hate and fear, and let sympathy and love be spread to all the corners of the earth. We all have but a limited time on this planet, and let’s make the best of the time we got. Time is not well spent with hate and fear, life is only lived to its fullest when you have love and compassion in your heart.

All alone, or in two's,
 The ones who really love you
 Walk up and down outside the wall.
 Some hand in hand
 And some gathered together in bands.
 The bleeding hearts and artists 
 Make their stand.

And when they've given you their all
 Some stagger and fall, after all it's not easy
 Banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall.

Yes, some of us will stagger and fall, and life was never meant to be easy. Life in itself is a challenge, but a challenge is there to be overcome and won. We are facing the biggest challenge of them all, to make this world a better place. Will you do your part? Will you be like me, a mad bugger with the hope and desire that love will prevail?

Will you do your part to spread the love, and kill the hate and fear with compassion and empathy? Will you stand united, or will you let us fall divided? Look into your heart, and ask yourself, would life without love by a good life? Love yourself, love your next one, love everyone. It’s not easy, but again, life isn’t easy.

We all have a dark side, to say the least
 And dealing in death is the nature of the beast
 One world, it's a battleground
 One world, and we will smash it down
 One world ... One world

One world! Imagine that, face the reality, we only have put this world. Let us not let it go to waste, and let us not under any circumstance smash it. Smother that dark side, shine a light instead, be the light.

For we are but one race, the human race, here to make the best of what we got. Don’t take that away from me, don’t let anyone take it away from you, and god dammit, don’t let anyone take it away from anyone else for that matter.

One world – with love – with light – we shall prevail.

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