It’s been a busy month

It’s been a busy month, with work and training and adjusting back to the real world. After having been out on extended sick leave all summer with a back injury I sustained in late March. And there’s been lots and lots of football to watch and attend too, with my local team Strømsgodset fighting for survival in the Norwegian equivalent of the Premier League. They only need one more victory to save themselves from being relegated. And then we have Liverpool, with a packed Premier League program as well as playing in group A of the Champions League, there’s plenty of football to keep up with.

I also had my birthday last month, where I did what any man would do when they start approaching the age of thirty too quickly to their liking. I went to the pub to meet up with some of my mates, to watch Norway play Greece in the European Championship qualifier. As with any good mates, they always end up with one mission, getting their unfortunate birthday boy plastered. And boy did they succeed! I’m officially off Jägermeister for quite some time now. I can safely say that I had more Jägermeister that evening than I had accumulated up to now, so far in my life. Obviously, my form the following day was rather shabby, but fortunately for my sake I had managed to get the day off.

Then just a few days later, I continue the punishment on my liver and the rest of my body. The thing is that my sister has her birthday two days after mine (with six years separating us), so that had to be celebrated as well. We have a small gathering of people at her place, enjoy quite a bit of alcohol before we head out into town to paint the town read. My youngest sister also tagged along, as she came to visit us over the weekend from Oslo. And whenever we get together with the common mission to paint the town red, well, that’s just what we do. Mission accomplished.

On a positive note though, I read an article the other day that said that bilingual people run a smaller risk of dementia as they get older. As it turns out, increased activity in the frontal lobe has a positive effect on the brain, and might help the brain fight off dementia. This is a good thing, I always knew learning a second (and in my case even a third language) would come in handy some day, but that it would have a good effect on my health comes as a surprise.

Even though it’s been a good month, I also have to admit to the fact that I’m glad it’s over. Back to normality! I hate to say this, but I’m not getting any younger.

It’s been a busy month
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