A great last month


Last month I set a new visitor record to my blog, which makes me very happy. It makes it all worthwhile to continue writing all these articles. And it also proves that you, yes you, the readers of this site actually like what is being written. I would like to extend a thanks to all of you that have endured beta testing with me, private comments on different aspects of the layout and feel of this site, as well as a huge thanks for being who you are! I will not start a list of names, cause that list would be far too long, but again I say;

Thank you very much. Very much appreciated.

Today, another one of my domains went live. It has just started up, and the key people behind the page has yet to do the final talks. But the site is Cservice Sucks Dot Net, and that site too is a blog where people who all hate the group of people that run services on the IRC network Undernet. Here we can do as I do here, just keep on ranting and throw dirt. In other words, just as we would on any other given day.

A great last month
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